Something for everyone - after the course we discover Andalusia together.

Learning Spanish is one thing but experiencing Spain firsthand is the cherry on top. That’s why we like to spend more time with our students and show them what the Spanish flair is all about. After the Spanish courses we make many excursions in and around Conil. Besides historical backgrounds, it is the little anecdotes on the side that make our excursions so special. Where does the famous Spanish sherry come from, what are the white villages, what do Chupa-Chups have to do with Spain and why shouldn’t you ” put horns on” anyone here, although it is the country of the bulls? Our students will learn all this from our team guide. In Spanish, of course – but don’t worry, we adapt our Spanish so that everyone understands, even beginners.

And in between, it’s simply a case of “shut up and enjoy”, for example on our popular tours of the best tapas bars and our excursions to the bodegas of Jerez. The ideal geographical location, the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the calcareous soils create the best possible conditions for the production of the typical wine: the Sherry or Fino, as it is called in Spanish. Jerez is the center of sherry production. 36 bodegas are dedicated to the production and delivery of the wine. The complicated process is vividly explained during each guided tour of a bodega. And at the end, of course, the tasting is the highlight. Jerez is also known for flamenco, motor sports and Andalusian horse breeding, and the old town of Jerez has been declared a national heritage site.

For those who love nature and animals, spring is the best time of the year to come to Andalusia. It is worth a visit to the Coto de Doñana, the largest national park in Europe, or a whale watching tour in Tarifa, where you can see whales and dolphins up close and almost touch them. We work with The Firmm foundation which is dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins and therefore the marine habitat.

From the water back towards the mainland: Tours through the nearby beautiful little villages around Conil are also a regular part of our activities. For example, to Vejer de la Frontera, a charming white village on a cliff about 200 meters high. A walk through the whitewashed alleys brings back memories of the Moorish times. From the heights, a unique view opens up across to Morocco and the coast of the province of Cadiz. The beach El Palmar belongs to the municipality, next to Tarifa also a very popular spot for surfers in the heart of the Costa de la Luz. We also like to make a detour to the nearby villages of Caños de Meca, Zahara de los Atunes, Zahora and Barbate.

For the amateur archaeologists we offer excursions to the bay of Bolonia with its impressive dune landscape. Just behind the sandy beach lie the remains of the Roman settlement of Baelo Claudia, founded in the 2nd century and named after Emperor Claudius. Tuna was also processed here, which was then shipped to the Roman Empire as a salted paste. The “remains” of the “fish factory” are located near the beach. The archaeologists have also uncovered remains of a temple, a theater, a market, thermae and other buildings.