When the alarm clock goes off after the vacation, sleeping or doing whatever the kids want, the first day of school has come.
The first day of school, kids can be really nervous or really excited. This day does not go unnoticed for anyone: parents, children and teachers alike.
The first day of school is very special for children because they are going to meet new teachers, new classmates, or just see their friends from other school years. Although, there is at least one kid who cries, missing her or his mommy, but most enjoy the time with their teachers and their friends.
Our friend Hannah Grossman is five years old and she is from The United States of America. She is in her second year of preschool and she talked about her first school day experience. There are 10 children in her classroom and Amalia is her best friend. On the first day they sat in a circle, and lead by the teacher, they introduced themselves. Hannah’s introduction was:

After introducing themselves, the teacher gave them a map of the classroom with the different areas marked: reading area; with a library full of books, an area for playing and singing, and so on. Finally the teacher assigned a shelf for each student and they decorated it. (with paint and stickers)
As it was the first day of school, and at the age of four of five, they were in school for only three hours.
Most of them were really happy and excited to be at the school with their teachers and their friends.
Here we have a fun video of children talking about the first day of school:

Sources: Youtube.

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