Course levels

When you get to the Academia Andaluza we will give you a series of tests to analyse different aspects so we can see what level of Spanish you have. The aim is for you to join the course that best suits your needs.

When you complete any of our courses you will be awarded a certificate of attendance by the Academia Andaluza. However, if you require a more detailed assessment, we will gladly give you a final exam and an itemised certificate, upon payment of a small administration fee.

We have summarised the main features of each level as guidance, structuring the progressive knowledge of Spanish. Find out your level:

Level A1 - Beginner

This level is about a basic command of the language and communication. If you haven’t been learning Spanish for long or you only know a few words and expressions or nothing at all, this is your level. Here you will acquire a basic knowledge which will allow you to communicate in a simple way. This level gives you a solid base so you can start building up a sense of the Spanish language and culture.

Level A2 - Elementary

This level is about starting to deal with elementary social situations. Once you acquire level A1, you start working on the development of communication. Lessons are based on discussions about everyday life practical issues, society, music, culture, gastronomy and reading small texts. Basically you will acquire more confidence, expand your vocabulary and expressions, communicate with more confidence, and learn typical features of Spanish and Latin American.

Level B1 - Intermediate

This level is about communicating in many situations and overcoming daily communicative problems. You will clearly and specifically describe and tell experiences, events and stories. We focus on specific expressions to convey your thoughts and feelings with more elaborate statements. You will be able to extract the main ideas from a text and answer questions more specifically, summarise and express more complex discourses. When you acquire this level you are ready to take the Elementary Certificate in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE)

Level B2 - Intermediate

When you reach this level you can express yourself in a standard form of the language with few variations. This level is about trying to be natural, using different registers, going deeper into the language and the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Lessons focus on developing more specific and varied topics. You will learn how to produce the language more coherently so you feel comfortable speaking in many different contexts. You will be able to hold a conversation, wait for your turn and defend your arguments more fluently. Here you will prepare to take the Intermediate Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE)

Level C1 - Proficiency

This level is about a proficient command of the language. You have learnt how to discuss your ideas effectively and communicate fluently, as well as acquiring a new awareness about the variety within the language. This level includes topics to expand your knowledge, obtain a general and current perspective on Spanish language and culture, and you will also deal with more specific and detailed topics. You will learn how to correct misunderstandings, change your range of discourse, study specific topics, wait for your turn to speak and prepare your intervention. When you acquire this level you can take the Proficiency Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).

Level C2 - Advanced proficiency

This level is about simply studying to improve your Spanish. When you learn a language there are always things you might miss, there is always room for more knowledge. You already have an analytical and conscious knowledge of the language, and express yourself correctly. Lessons focus on deeper contents so you can learn those little details that you may be missing; therefore, the topics and activities in class are even more constrained. When you master this level you will be able to take any kind of exam.