Information provided by Academia Andaluza on the current situation regarding COVID19 in Spain

At Academia Andaluza, we have prepared a series of measures in connection with the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine in Spain. In this way we would like to inform you about the current situation.

At the moment, no one can estimate how long the measures ordered to control the virus will last, what other actions will be added on an international level and how quickly they will take effect. At the moment, we are assuming 15 days.

In order to be able to carry out language courses under the current conditions and to minimise unnecessary risks for employees and customers, we have initially implemented online courses, which we are now expanding and refining.

We will continuously keep you informed about the activities of the Academia Andaluza as well as about current developments and general conditions over the coming days.

Most of all, we wish you and your loved ones health and hope that together we will soon be able to fight back the virus.

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