Bye, bye, Doctor Oliver Sacks.
Oliver Sacks was one of the most recognized Neurologist and author of many books.
Do you remember the movie “Awakenings”? This movie is based on the Sacks’ novel in which he recounts the life stories of those who have been victims of the 1920s “encephalitis lethargica epidemic”. It is based on a true story where Sacks chronicles his efforts to help these patients at the Beth Abraham Hospital in New York. These patients after suffering this strange illness, could not move and It was Dr Sacks who through music discovered that they could make some movements. Sacks believed in the importance of music for the creation of human identity. One of his books, “Musicophilia” is about some tales of his patients and the importance of music.
Oliver Sacks was born in Willesden, London, in 1933 but when he graduated with a medical degree, he moved to The United States. He lived in San Francisco for his internship. In 1965 he came to New York where he became a Neurologist. He dedicated his life to research the behaviour of the patient’s brain and mind. He worked as a professor at NY University and later at Columbia University and finally, the last August, Oliver Sacks died at 82 years of age at his home in New York. So, Doctor Sacks, thank you very much for your contribution and for your humanity.

Sources: Wikipedia, youtube.

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