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Learning English today is almost mandatory everywhere in the world. English is essential in any field of personal or professional life. In the field of study, English is a crucial tool for academic success. It is the most studied language in the world.

Five hundred years ago, five to seven million people spoke English and most of them lived in the British Isles.

The English language has been developed for almost a millennium in Britain. It was expanded throughout the world thanks to sailors, soldiers, pilgrims, merchants and missionaries. Before the introduction of any language policy, English had already reached almost every corner of the globe. Currently, 1.8 billion people in the world speak English.

Learning English at the Academia Andaluza in Conil is the perfect combination of effectiveness and pleasure.

The aim of our English courses, apart from the acquisition of knowledge, is to practice it at all times. Therefore, the classes are communicative and facilitate continuous use in the classroom.

Our English courses are designed for students aged 12 and over.

Two hours a day from Monday to Friday, where each teacher deals exclusively with one student.

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