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In all our flamenco workshops we work on rhythm and meter, balance, coordination and physical fitness as well as on the unconditional love for Flamenco music and its magical dance.

Our flamenco workshops are divided into three tiers:

  • Flamenco dance for beginners: This workshop addresses all those who have never danced Flamenco. We start by learning the correct posture and techniques for arms and feet (coordination), the dissociation of parts of the body as well as choreography. We will be using rhythms of tangos, tanguillos, rumbas and alegrías.
  • Flamenco dance for intermediate to advanced level students. This workshop is made for people who already know the basics of flamenco dancing and wish to improve their skills. Apart from techniques and choreography, we will be working with more intricate rhythms such as; bulerías, soleá, tarantos, farruca, etc. and will add accessories to our movements such as the mantón (Manila shawl), the fan, the sombrero hat, the cane, and castanets.
  • Therapeutic Flamenco dance for people with restricted mobility: This workshop is aimed at people who suffer from impaired mobility due to rheumatism, arthritis and similar disorders and need to activate and exercise their body. We will shift the focus from intense foot work to gentle Flamenco movements involving the whole body, and concentrate on coordination and dissociation.

For the first two workshops please bring proper dancing shoes (no rubber soles). For the therapeutic workshop comfortable clothing and socks are sufficient.

Schedule: 2 pm – 3 pm or 7 pm – 8 pm from Monday to Friday

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