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Spanish on the Road I is born from the fusion of two great passions: the inspiration and motivation for our work as Spanish teachers and the love for Andalusia. A perfect combination to ensure a magnificent and extraordinary experience that blends the learning of Spanish language skills with first hand practical knowledge of our culture and idiosyncrasy.

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Tours through Andalusia – Tour I: Málaga, Córdoba, Sevilla

Andalusia is a different and special place: full of culture, art, folklore and traditions, and birth place of geniuses like Lorca and Picasso. As Andalusians, we are famous for our hospitality and generosity and pride ourselves on being the gateway to many different worlds: to the ocean and the sea, to foreign continents and countries, to different cultures and world views. Thanks to the transit of other civilizations and the legacy they have left, Andalusia is a truly special and unique place.

On our Tour I, we will visit three provinces of Andalusia – Málaga, Córdoba and Seville – two provincial capitals –  Málaga and Córdoba – as well as towns and villages that are off the beaten track, such as Puente Genil, Santaella, San Sebastián de los Ballesteros, Écija, Osuna and Antequera. Throughout the tour, our main objective is to help the students immerse themselves into the daily life of Andalusians.

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