Successful method

Our teaching method is the result of a continuous effort to improve the quality of our work, based on 20 years of language teaching experience. Our concept of teaching Spanish allows you to learn very efficiently while enjoying a pleasant athmosphere. Here’s our secret:

  • Motivated teachers who design their lessons with enthusiasm
  • Practical and authentic teaching materials such as newspaper articles on current events, Spanish audio and video tapes that reflect your level of knowledge
  • Personal attention to each student during his stay at the Academia Andaluza

Learn Spanish your way

Whatever idea you have of studying a foreign language abroad, whether you just want to spend a relaxing holiday on the beach, get to know new and interesting people and brush up your Spanish while you’re at it, or whether you want to learn as much as possible in very little time, we will suggest a combination of units that adapts to your own personal needs. To make the experience complete, we offer you special workshops in literature, Spanish History, Business Spanish, official exam preparation, Spanish for Tourism and Flamenco.

At the Academia Andaluza we look forward to meeting you and making you feel at home. We are pleased to say that our centre is a place where different cultures and societies meet; a place where we all learn from each other, thanks to our friendly and academic environment. Our methodology is based on an important educational value—humanised teaching.

From here, the work in class is based on you, so your expectations and linguistic needs are met. We offer you all kinds of human and technical means for this: learning techniques so you can achieve more autonomy and discover how to learn better, multimedia equipment, audiovisual aids, videos, extra activities outside the classroom.

All this is a combination of different methodological approaches, going from the most traditional to the most modern. We have been teaching for twenty years and we know from experience that learning is based on you as a student. This is why our method focuses mainly on strengthening your abilities, discovering you talent and helping you to overcome shyness and insecurity when speaking in a foreign language.

You have nothing to worry because learning is cooperative—constant interaction among students and teachers will allow you to enjoy the lessons as if they were just another social context, while you learn at the same time. Classrooms are designed for you to get the attention you deserve, because we teach in small groups (4-8 students per classroom). Our commitment is that you learn and have fun at the same time.

You should come and visit us, and discover all these things and more. We want to help you communicate to us, correctly and appropriately, to be yourself, but nearer to the light, the sea and our people.